Sunday, February 1, 2009

so i got up wednesday and we did have some snow on top of the ice. the sun came out for a few minutes, so i got a few shots of the backyard.

then about 10am the power went out. yuck!! usually it only stays out a few hours when it goes out. so i sat around all day just listening to the radio and waiting. it was a long day. about 77% of the city was without power. so thursday was spent running around town looking for batteries and flashlights. it was crazy everywhere. went to walmart and they only had the grocery side of checkouts open and they were lined up half way to the back of the store. needless to say didn't buy anything there. about 8pm on thursday the power came back on ~ yay!! ~ only to go back out about 9am friday. so the news was that power may not be totally restored in some places for 3 weeks (i'm sure that will be the really rural areas) so friday was spent trying to find a generator. i would love to know just how many were sold during this. they were coming in by the truckloads and the radio would announce so & so has them and in a matter of minutes they would be gone. finally got one from home depot. brought it home, and the rest of the day was spent running around town looking for extension cords to use with it. it has been a miserable week. the first day or two the cold wasn't too bad ~ wearing fleece and a few velux blankets felt pretty warm. the worst part of it all was the boredom. i am totally addicted to the internet and tv in my spare time, so i was all out of sorts. i was very thankful to have hot water ~ thank goodness for gas hot water heaters. had i not been able to have a hot shower every day ~ that might have sent me over the edge, i'd have been looking for somewhere to stay.

unfortunately, i didn't get a lot of pictures ~ i wasn't in the mood, with no electricity and all. i should have gotten shots of all the people waiting in lines for kerosene and propane. and all the people wheeling generators out of the store. pictures of all the broken trees (that is sad to see). here's a couple more shots to give you an idea of how much ice there was.


*Christie* said...

I like your new blog design. Great photos! Love all the icicles! Hope it warms up for you soon though :)

Gayle said...

Enjoyed the photos, Krista, but hope you get a thaw VERY soon! :)

Erin said...

Yikes! The pictures are great, but probably not worth going through such an ordeal.

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