Saturday, February 7, 2009

just as i shut down my laptop last night it hit me i didn't post a picture, and i didn't feel like starting it back this is for yesterday. litter dust is a big problem in the house, so i thought cut a hole in the door to try to contain it to the laundry room. lol, i know there is probably some reason that this is not going to work and the same amount of dust will get out of there =) me and my bright ideas.


ekorn said...

As a long-time cat owner, I tried lots of things to try to control litter dust without much success. A year ago I switched from clay litter to wood pellets. Not only is there no more dust but wood pellets control odor better. I use wood stove pellets which are much cheaper than the pellets sold in pet stores. Not all stove pellets can be used as cat litter, though, as some have accelerants added. You have to make sure that the pellets are made of 100 percent wood sawdust with nothing added. The ones I use are a mixture of pine and spruce. I bought a large plastic collander that I use to sift the litter box pellets twice a day to remove the sawdust that results when the pellets get wet. I put the urine soaked sawdust in a covered pail until I have a full pail to dump outside (I live in the country) and even when the pail is full you cannot smell cat urine in it. I pay $5.49 for a 40 lb. bag that lasts almost a month with three cats.
Suprisingly, the cats do not track sawdust throughout the house although they probably would if a person didn't sift it out regularly. The sawdust is environmentally friendly and has sure cut down on the dusting in my house. At first I mixed a little in the clay litter and over the course of three days kept adding more and by the foutth day I was using straight pellets in the litter box.
For anyone reading this who decides to try switching to pellets I STRONGLY recommend that you research (contact) the company that makes the particular pellets that are available in your area to make sure that they are safe for use as cat litter.

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