Thursday, February 5, 2009

another home sweet home shot. is there anything better than the comfort of your own bed?? i sleep on a waterbed. i tried to give it up once, but i was miserable. one thing i never liked about a waterbed is not being able to use a dust ruffle ~ well, last time i got a new bedspread i rigged it up so i could use a dust ruffle ~ why hadn't i thought of that before?? oh, and another thing is the bookcase headboards, didn't like them much. so i just used the frame and screwed a sleigh bed type of headboard and footboard on.


LVMommy22 said...

hey krista! i'm laughing because you are blogging so much more now that you aren't doing freebies. i love what you are doing with project 365! are you surviving the ice and power outages? i think i'd pull my hair out. hang in there sweetie!
:) M

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