Friday, March 20, 2009

bummer ~ i was really on a roll for a week or so ~ now i'm back to nothing : (

so i'll share a few pictures...i don't think i've mentioned it here but i love macro photography for some reason and seem to take macro shots more than anything.

a couple more pansy shots

and unfortunately weeds are already growing like crazy. some are pretty though :) the flowers on this weed were teensy ~ only about an 1/8 of an inch ~ i used my extension tubes to get in this close. you'd never know they were so tiny, huh?


Faith said...

Hi Krista, I love your photos! Now you're making me think of getting a teleconverter. For me, your pictures are just inspiring! Thank you for sharing them.

LaRessie said...

I love macro also. I am not sure I can get that close with my new camera though. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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