Thursday, February 12, 2009

ya'll are so kind, thanks for the comments about my pictures. part of me wants to keep it up but part of me wants to quit. so, i don't know ~ maybe i'll continue with the weekly lo's and if it's not a photo a day ~ so what, i'll just use 7 photos from the week. if i can just hold out until spring i'll do fine. 'course from then thru fall it will be all about my backyard ~ flowers, bugs...

i love to look out the window and see the activity of birds. they must feel spring is near, today i noticed they were gathering nesting stuff. so i had the idea to make a wreath of nesting material for the birds. i was looking up what they like and actually they sell these kind of wreaths. i'll have to get some feathers to add too it. i should really not be supplying string for nest building, but it says they like it :( sadly, some baby birds have had to lose their lives because their legs got tangled up in string.

i just finished last weeks pages.


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