Tuesday, January 20, 2009

love!! the new pepsi packaging. i know it's just because the font is along the lines of what i chose for my logo ;)

i could share some photo tips along the way. here is one i find handy ~ i avoid using flash, it always seems too bright ~ so a lot of my inside pictures have a yellow cast. if you have photoshop you can correct that by going under images>adjustments>photo filters>and choose one of the cooling filters =)


Lisette said...

I have to say..I thought I was strange for even noticing the new look - thanks for being out there and pointing it out too!! Love the newer - modern look :)

Anonymous said...

I like the clean design of the pepsi logo. But I've always thought they leaned that way.

On the subject of flash photography, I think my camera's flash is too bright. I have decent zoom so when I have to use it I stand farther away and then zoom in. When I'm indoors and turn the flash off I use the indoor white balance which helps a lot with the yellow tone. Also, a trick I read about in a Scott Kelby book is to place a whitish/clear cap (such a hairspray cap) over your flash to diffuse it.

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